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Vintage Square Neck Embroidered Knit Tank Mini Dress - Black

Vintage Square Neck Embroidered Knit Tank Mini Dress - Black

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Let's play something different when people all trace for floral prints this summer. How about considering knitwear? Inspired from 90s fashion, the rose pattern decorates on the bust emanating a retro femininity. Wide straps sitting on shoulders creates a square neckline and an open back for showing some skin. Tailored from acrylic knit, it provides a little stretch for fitting a slim bodice along with simple geometric belt-like ornaments, simple but dainty. A thigh-length design and the sleeveless cut interpret slouchy summer days. Wear it on its own for a minimalist look or layered with a chic and cute jacket in the early Autumn. It suits most occasions in hot summer days.

Size (in) S M L XL
Length 33.1  33.5  33.9  34.3 
Bust 24.8  26.4  28.0  29.5 
Waist 20.5  22.0  23.6  25.2 
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