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Glossy Satin Square Toe Geometric Heeled Pumps - Coral

Glossy Satin Square Toe Geometric Heeled Pumps - Coral

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This stunner deserves a focal point statu with the signature color pop that you should dip your toe into. With smooth satin finish, the clever mix of pink and orange will work with any skin tone and has a wide variety of styles available for every style occasion. They're specifically adorned with a dressy square toe upper and low sides for a slinky silhouette. The playful sculptural heel sits with the right amount of height and width to keep your feet far from being wobbly. The minimalist style keeps this pick clean with no more embellishment than the decent stitching for necessary structured shape. Every formal occasion needs such a warm shade to insert a pop of color into your look especially if you choose a bit simpler with your dress.

Heel height: 8.5 cm

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36 5 22.8
37 6 23.5
38 7 24.2
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